Why Pockets of Chaos? Why Am I Writing?

Why Am I Here? Why Are You Here?

Here I attempt to explain the inexplicable. Why Write? Why DO writers write? Teachers teach? Walruses wallow? That last makes no sense, but then neither does coming up with a reason for doing something that comes as naturally as breathing, albeit in an iron lung of sorts. Someone wise once said that a writer writes because that’s all s/he wants to or is able to do. Welcome to my website, Pockets of Chaos. I created the term to reflect my vision of the chaotic nature of modern life. Even in a seemingly calm and peaceful life, bits of chaos—some good, some bad—punctuate our daily existence. These pockets of chaos are revealed in nostalgic stories of my childhood, realistic memoirs of the Kent State killings and other episodes in a long, uncelebrated life, poetry reflecting the beauty of WV and of life in general, and thoughtful essays on the meaning of life, as well as adventurous tales from my research in family history. Share a laugh or some tears and also pick up tips on researching and writing from a retired English professor with a unique voice and an ironic outlook. For more information, check out the About Me page (under the Home tab), and read on (Macduff). My writing blog can be found on the Language and Writing  page.

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