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I started researching the family history in my 20s, and found that no one knew anything, and if they did know anything, they weren’t talking. After that auspicious start, I broke my back and destroyed my eyesight searching for my family’s roots. After seeming centuries of digging, my way got easier when I discovered ancestry.com which gave me many answers while sparking even more questions. So, I have over 16K people in my family tree and spend too much time weeding out the interesting but unconnected from the repeats of people in my tree with different dates or places, all of which are choking my tree’s roots and wearing me out. More…

Labin Lines     Labins in England     My Father’s WWII Battles      The Unknown Citizen

Moore History     Moore Bragg Trees     Moores to Braggs     Charles Bragg

Surname Origins     Howie History     Howies in Scotland

Plum Tree     Mullenax Lineage     Mullenax Census     Cunningham Connection  

Mom’s Mother     Possible Samuel Roes

DNA & Genealogy (external link to my Flipboard magazine)



Lord, help me dig into the past, and sift the Sands of Time,
That I might find the roots that made this family tree of mine,
Lord, help me trace the ancient roads on which my fathers trod,
And led them through so many lands to find our present sod.
Lord help me find an ancient book, or dusty manuscript,
That’s safely hidden in some forgotten crypt.
Lord let it happen.
Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts my soul when I can’t find
That missing link between some name that ends the same as mine.
(The Arkansas Genealogical Society Newsletter, http://www.ancestryroots.co.uk/)


2 thoughts on “Just Genealogy

  1. Any idea if your Jacobs are any way related to William Curtis Jacobs born abt 1791 D. 5 feb 1888 In NC? His father is Zachariah Jacobs but I’m finding different ones. :/


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