Psychic Roadkill

dead hawkPsychic Roadkill

When you’ve been hurt, destroyed by a narcissist from hell,

You feel like you’ve been run over by a semi loaded with heavy logs,

Psychic roadkill on life’s bitter highway.

No exit, no rest stop, no parking in the median, speed limit zero.

Armed with new-found knowledge of surrender,

You drag your psychic carcass up the hills of dawn,

Hoping to escape oncoming traffic, semis loaded, speeding to the exit.

Will you make it before being struck again, and again, and again?

Psychic roadkill on life’s bitter highway,

Fighting surrender.

Speeding to redemption?

Or oblivion?

Picking up pieces of your soul

Scattered by the careless driver

Sucking up your love, trust, memory,

Stealing your heart and hope.

When will it end?

When you have no more love, trust, memory?

When you have no more heart or hope?

When you’ve lost your soul on the narcissist’s interstate?

No road signs here,

Just forgotten corpses

Of lost love and corruption.

Just bits of betrayed dreams.

No exit, except on the shovels of road crews

Scraping up remnants of your soul

Heedless of your pain and scars,

Immune to your suffering and despair…

© 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD


3 thoughts on “Psychic Roadkill

  1. Oh, yeah! This poem is new, but focuses on a time when I was trying to ‘get over’ the toxic narcissist who nearly destroyed me. I’m cool now, but the memory of that feeling is still vividly raw.


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