When I Have Fears

fractal6When I Have Fears

When I have fears

That I may cease to see,

When lumbered issues

Of desire force me,

And no other

Thinks to pray for me,

And pain and grief

Engulf me in snares,

The world spins on

And none other ever cares,

I seek answers to

The maze of intrigue

As I crawl through

Caverns of loss and anger,

Seeking the way back,

Back to a safe, all-seeing

Love, to bathe in gratitude,

Warm arms holding my heart

As I slip into safety and calm,

My zig-zagging without rest

Seeking mere happiness,

Yet dead ends of emptiness

Betray me while jackals

Laugh at my despair,

I ask WHY and HOW

Can I survive this hell?

No answer, no echoing call.

No thunder, no voice,

Nothing, nothing, nothing at all.

©2015 Linda L Labin, PhD