I’m Back!

alice in a holeI’m back! In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been away, yet I haven’t left. I’ve been fighting the knee and back demons and they tend to knock the knickers off what talent I may have. Sorry for missing your marvelous posts; happy to be among the survivors.

While  recuperating from knee injections, I saw things I never want to see again–The tapes of planned Parenthood doctors dickering for big money for harvested organs taken from human fetuses butchered in the womb are horrifying. The claim that they need these for research is a lie, as computer models are more effective. Selling human body parts is illegal! Two images come to mind– Nazi concentration camps experimenting on people they viewed as not fully human, as progressives view human fetuses (apparently), and Charlton Heston screaming Soylent Green is people! Wake up America.


At least Café got a nice haircut, and I’m still passing open windows. I wonder what voracious reader will recognize that reference…

© 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD


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