I’ve Seen Too Much Death Now

In response to the massacre in Charleston, SC, I have no words except the poem below. My thoughts, tears, and prayers to the family and friends of the dear people butchered by an idiot boy with delusions of grandeur mixed with the basest form of hatred. May God forgive him, as his victims pray, but let us not forget him and others like him who betray all of us.


I’ve seen too much death now.

As if you could see just enough

To keep grounded, keep bowed.

Not so, ’tis evil stuff.


Too many innocents slain

For ego, self-centered pain.

I’m tired of the funerals,

The sad words and false promises.


Can’t we, for God’s sake, stop these madmen?


All his friends and all his kin

Admitted they knew his sin.

Yet none took the chance

To break through his trance.


His self-loathing and need,

Power, unhealthy greed.

No single word or glance

To stop his stupid dance?


I’m too old to sing more hymns.

God, please, wash away our sins.

No one is born with such hate.

It must be taught; ’tisn’t fate.


Give us now our daily dread,

Innocent blood ever shed.

Once a country of our dreams

Now turned to violent schemes.



©2015 Linda L Labin, PhD


3 thoughts on “I’ve Seen Too Much Death Now

  1. We used to have a sense of responsibility–both personal (it’s my fault, not the world’s) and communal (we are all responsible to and for our fellow man). People used to think it their civic duty to protect society from their own deviant kids or others’ evil acts. Now we know far too much about everyone’s lives and yet no one has the gumption to stand up for what’s right. We are a nation of cowards, I am sad to say. Things will only change when people stand up to hatred, terror, and the “isms” of this world and say, “No More.”
    His roommate knew his plans, people online knew his plans, his father gave him the gun, and a lot of people around him knew he was hateful and twisted, and they all looked the other way. Lots of political speeches, marches, demands…and nothing will change. Guns are not the problem; idiots are–both the idiots like Roof who think infamy will cure the emptiness inside them and the idiots who assist them by teaching them hatred instead of love, or who ignore their warped world view until it’s too late.
    In my lifetime, I have witnessed the senseless murders of many fine people: John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, and countless boys lost in the jungles of Vietnam or the sands of the Middle East, little girls in bombed-out churches, college students protesting a war…


  2. Thanks Dr. Linda for writing about this. Really, why and why was it allowed to happen ?
    One has seen too much of hate filled killing in this life and one really gets fed up. I am looking forward for a change and something new to come out of this.

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