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Don’t forget to stop by amazon to get my new ebook, a collection of poems and stories, called (strangely enough) POCKETS OF CHAOS. Some items originally appeared here on the website, but you’ll find additional material as well, including a free excerpt from my comic murder mystery (in progress), Direct Object: Murder.

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Pockets of Chaos book

Pockets of Chaos



My Book Is Outta This World!

My Book Is Outta This World!

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  1. Thank you, lovely ladies. Deborah, I remember reading “The Painted Bird” at a very young age as well. My mother also had an extensive library and I always read far beyond my years. A more recent book about the Holocaust is equally moving–It’s called ‘The Book Thief.’ Excellent!


  2. Linda, just had a moment at 5 a.m. (been. awake since 2:30 a.m.–one of those nights!) and enjoyed your Preface. Not familiar with “A Hunger Artist”. How did I miss that one? But it made me think of “The Painted Bird”. Not sure of the author anymore.I’ll find it if you don’t know it, but bet’cha do. Certainly not by choice, the Jewish child in WWII Europe who like the painted bird of huntsmen which draws the bullets or arrows by its color, the young orphan draws torture and evil by his dark Jewish looks. I read it at a very young age, and it was very disturbing, but it has stayed with me all these years. I read adult fiction in some cases way too young. The books were there, my mother gave me free reign … I was probably only nine or ten. The books that stay with you, however, are the great ones, even if disturbing. Your story in the Preface reminded me.

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  3. Dr. Linda,
    Congratulations. As soon as I get a credit card, I will buy one. I am still on probation at my new job, so no bank here would give me a credit card and debit cards are no good to pay for books on Amazon.
    Good luck !
    May there be many more !

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