My 100th Post

Yippee! Yesterday was my 100th Post! Celebrations and drinks all around! Whoopee! I can’t believe it! I began learning word press in January, but the official launch of Pockets of Chaos was the first day of February. Recently, I created a table to help me identify what I’ve been writing and word totals. I knew I was wordy, but this is ridiculous. I added up all my posts: 93,689 words in just 2 1/2 months of work. I should have been working on my novel, for at that rate, I’d be well into my 2nd in the series! Oh, procrastination! Anyhoo, if anyone wants to bake me a cake, please make it chocolate. My rule for mindless, delicious sweets is that, above all, they must be chocolate–the darker the better. Life is too short to waste empty calories on lemon pie!



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