Walls of Glass


Walls of glass

Too hard a task.

Walls of manure

Never so pure.


I see you but dare not touch

I hear you; it’s only a hunch.

Break the pane and come in,

I beseech you, let me in.


Alone behind this wall of glass,

I seek you still in rooms so vast.

I moon for your sweet lips,

I moan for your honeyed kiss.


Broken panes of love

Forsaken wings of doves.

Muck out the world,

Come back to me.


Glass is liquid, so they say.

Why, then, can’t love stay?

If I had walls I’d build a door

To let me in, you out, or more.


But no, in pieces on the floor.

Just shards and not much more.

My love has let me go,

And my glass is shattered so.


©2015 Linda L Labin, PhD