It’s another rainy April day, so I’ve been playing around with greeting cards and advertisements, as they pertain to certain literary characters.

Coming Soon!colorrose

Be the 1st to try Dr Rappaccini’s Cure-all.

A wondrous concoction to end your woes.

If it’s good enough for his daughter,

It’s certainly good enough for you.

Now available in floral scent!



bugg              Get Rid of What Bugs You!

                Call 1-800-sam-greg

            We’ll bring our team of experts to you.

Find out why Samsa’s Pest Control

Has the highest rating in the business.

Gregor Samsa, Prop.

My Dear King Lear,lear insults

Happy April Fool’s Day

from your loving daughters.  

MacbethCongratulations on being named

Thane of Cawdor!

Don’t forget to tell your sisters. 

©2015 Linda L Labin (except for graphics)


2 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. very good. The Gregor Samsa pest control is a little disturbing but I’m sure K would appreciate its dark humour. I haven’t read any Hawthorne since college. Mind you, I hadn’t read any before college either. I was completely bowled over by his prose style as much as his subject matter. I loved the ambiguity of his stories which opened up almost endless possibilities of meaning. He was an author to whom I intend to return – one day. It just hasn’t happened yet.

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