Equal Rights?

Like many of my generation, I have fought against racism, sexism, and for gender equality. I have long awaited a time when people of color and women would be “allowed” to run for the presidency. Not just so some elitist group could check off another box in their long list of “shoulds,” but for the simple fact that, here in America, unlike almost every other country in the world, we stand for freedom of the individual. I firmly believe that women are as qualified as men to perform any job available—except for being a sperm donor. Mine is the generation that fought for civil rights for all, regardless of race, creed, or color, so I likewise believe that people of color are just as qualified as whites to hold any job available. I am a fiscal conservative but a social liberal, if I had to put a label on myself. Less government, more freedom for all.

I do not, however, accede to the idea that we should elect someone SOLELY on the basis of color or gender, just to “prove” to ourselves and the world that we’re “special.” I am not a fan of President Obama, for example, not because of his race, but because of his ultra-left-wing agenda that is destroying the middle class and replacing it with a new serfdom working to support the ultra-rich like him and his supporters while turning the poor into beggars in their own country. Every action he has taken has been destructive. We don’t need more welfare; we need more jobs offering better pay so that everyone can achieve the American dream. We don’t need to negotiate with the most evil empire since Nazi Germany as a mere puppet show for Obama’s “legacy.” Iran cannot be trusted to have nuclear capability, yet Obama and that weasel Kerry tell us that this time a “pinkie swear” will keep them honest.

We have an over-sized government run by people who think they know better than we do how our money should be spent. We have more crime and violence than the Old West and more families enslaved to multi-generational welfare. Drugs have won the war, racism from every angle is far worse than it was in the 1950s, and our cities are more dangerous than Chicago when Al Capone was ruling the mob. Yet, we have so-called leaders who say everything is OK, we just have to trust them and they will fix everything. We’ve waited six years for Obama to fulfill his promises but the average American is far worse off now than in 2008.

I am no fan of the Republicans, either. The party of Abraham Lincoln has not fulfilled his legacy. Too many self-important bigwigs in a good ole’ boy network that thinks our election process is an expensive game of musical chairs. Every four years, they trot out another party favorite who, like Romney, is unelectable. The Democrats have the same mindset, as we see everyone rushing to the Hillary Clinton camp, reasoning that Obama had his chance and now it’s her “turn.” Full disclosure here—I used to be a Democrat and I consistently voted Democrat for eons until I actually helped elect a president. It was the first time that the person I chose actually won! After Bill Clinton’s first term, however, I realized what a mistake that was.

Since his malfeasance in office, I am a staunch Independent, choosing the person rather than following a party line that benefits no one but crooks, liars, and hypocrites. More and more, I believe that the two-party system is an unconstitutional monopoly that should not stand. In their recent election, Israelis had five or six parties to choose from! If I had my way, all this money laundering and sleight of hand that reinforce the status quo while tricking the people into believing they have any say in how our government operates, would end. Think of all those billions of dollars dedicated to helping people instead of lining rich men’s coffers! (by rich men, I mean rich women, too). Imagine a day when someone like Lincoln, with no formal schooling, self-taught and intelligent, with a good heart and a kind soul, could be elected to work for us!

Instead, we have small-minded, selfish people intent on controlling our government for their own enrichment and self-aggrandizement. They spout all the proper cliches made meaningless by their actions. Too many people in DC have made politics a career, to the detriment of our people. People should be citizen volunteers who hold office temporarily in order to achieve enrichment of our society, not themselves. Like jurors, being a legislator or even a president should be, perhaps, a matter decided by lots. You serve your term, get paid a minimal salary with no additional perks like special health care and a golden parachute retirement. Then, it’s someone else’s turn.

Lobbyists of any sort would be outlawed and only the citizens of this country would be heard on issues. The IRS would be abolished, and everyone (even religious groups) would pay a flat tax of 10% of income and worth, with no loopholes. Other unnecessary levels of bureaucracy would be eliminated as the government offices would concern themselves solely with protecting its citizens and our environment and resources, and maintaining and improving our infrastructure. No more wars and no more of our troops in foreign countries protecting them at our expense. Let the world take care of itself. We can maintain trade with favored countries but we must stop giving aid to totalitarian regimes. And we should deliver food and medical supplies directly to the people who need them, not write checks to criminal leaders who line their pockets while defaming America.

Wouldn’t that be better?

©2015 Linda L Labin, PhD