Human Decency?

As our world becomes more violent, and some places on our once wholesome planet become unfit for human habitation and unsafe for women and children and some men, increasing numbers of scientists seek the age-old question as to why? We know the old rat studies show that over-crowding and over-population leads to rat violence and eventual non-breeding prior to the eventual demise of said rodentia. Yet human populations at greatest risk for these predictable outcomes choose to ignore their own culpability in this regard, seeking out a convenient scapegoat to blame for miserable lives. And thus, we have all the -isms that make victims of us all—sexism, racism, Nazism, fascism, communism, Islamism. Oh, sorry, my own American Christian freedom perspective has crept in. I didn’t and don’t intend a political or religious diatribe. I respect all peoples, cultures, and avenues of belief or non-belief. Islamism, for my money, though, is NOT religion—it is a corruption of a once thoughtful religion whose believers invented the zero and whose scientists, mathematicians, poets, and philosophers were once the envy of the world.

I agree with Kurt Vonnegut that at the very least, we must practice fundamental human decency. And I have read enough and experienced enough life to recognize that any belief that brings out what is good and pure and loving in our relationship with each other and the universe is a good thing. I don’t care who or what you worship as divine creator or if you worship no one. America was founded upon the principle of freedom—of speech, religion, and so on—and I still believe in those basic tenets of our democratic republic. You have every right to disagree with me as long as you do it peacefully and respectfully. I will show you the same courtesy even if you disregard that caveat. I still think that logic will overcome stupidity, that good will triumph over evil, and that the Lord made many paths for us.

So, I just do not understand the burning hatred that some people have for others—it is unjustifiable unless you’re a psychopath. My father fought a horrific war to rid the world of the most evil empire on earth—Nazism–a group insanity that justified the wholesale slaughter of innocent people for no reason other than envy and fear. Now we have these ISIS bastards raping young girls and selling them into sexual slavery supposedly in the name of Allah; they are training young boys to murder, rape, pillage, and commit suicide to destroy some self-imagined enemy of their God. They massacre people for their religious beliefs, color, country of origin, gender. They systematically dismantle any sort of educational system and pound the Middle East’s centuries-old statues, ancient treasures, vast libraries and museums to camel dust. What the frig is wrong with them?

Now I read that some of those treasures recently ‘destroyed’ were actually fakes and that the originals are hidden somewhere in Iraq or Iran or? Another story claims that some of the portable masterpieces are showing up for sale on Ebay. So much for honor among thieves, eh? Are the ISIS savages sitting around in their tents typing up blurbs about one-of-a-kind gold statues for only $19.95, shipping free? Perhaps an auction—get your red-hot chariots here, astrolabes 3 for $50, Mohamed’s genuine hair braids, goat foreskins for unique wallets…For all the money they’ve stolen, you would think they wouldn’t stoop to hawking stolen artifacts on America’s great shopping network. Maybe, though, it isn’t ISIS per se, but some of its minions? Some of these camel jockeys trying to make a fast buck before they’re given orders to self-destruct to prove their manhood?

These so-called men who hate themselves so much that they are willing to commit mass genocide, hoping to die themselves in the process, are merely pathetic little boys. The only virgins they will find after death will be the 1000’s of ugly little boys like themselves who hate and fear women because they’ve never had a date with a real woman and fear the power of smart, independent females unmoved by pathetic threats of violence so these little boys can get their way. These tiny dicks think they’ll be in paradise after the explosive bits of themselves and others hit the sand. But I personally hope that God will judge them for their heinous crimes and give them their just desserts—a lifetime in a hellish desert with no water, no food, no breezes, no human companionship, the only virgins they themselves, under an unblinking sun revealing the bitter truth about hateful, hate-filled scum.

Yet, God is more forgiving than we humans. These devilish creatures have created hell on earth for innocents and God in His wisdom will turn the other cheek, will let them have their chosen ‘paradise.’ The true reward for their carnage is absolute silence—God will not speak to them, or listen, and they will be in a desert of their own design, peopled with the monsters from their own fevered dreams of glory. Even Lucifer learned long ago that Hell is the absence of God; no other punishment can compare. They may beg for forgiveness, cry out in their loneliness, plead for their mommies, to no avail. The abyss will swallow them, then spit them out on their desert souls, only to again swallow them, belching with glee at their stupidity.

My only complaint, though, is that cosmic justice is just too slow.


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