Movie Plots

Awake at 5 and an idea nagged me into action. Months ago, I found this online:

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

(It is an actual description published in a newspaper) and I thought, what a terrific idea—movie descriptions written by idiots. So here’s what I came up with over my Keurig coffee:

Gone With the Wind—fashion show interrupted by racial violence

Psycho—amateur ornithologist copes with female problems

Lord of the Rings—little persons on vacation

The Producers—Nazi musical

Robin Hood—career criminal reforms

King Kong—illegal animal trafficking

Hamlet—troubled orphan goes on rampage

King Lear—senile man gets lost in the rain

Beowulf—visitor kills endangered species

Jane Eyre—alternative treatment for the mentally ill

Wuthering Heights—multi-generational family dysfunction

A Christmas Carol—elderly business man hallucinates

Death of a Salesman—unemployed worker gases up

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde—scientist experiments with nightlife

Dracula—illegal immigrant with rare blood disorder seeks a bride

Wonder if anyone else has a similarly twisted sense of humor. Feel free to add to the list and I’ll give you credit for your contributions. Meanwhile, here’s one to ponder:

Single parent kills a dog and talks to neighbor.


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  1. For readers who wonder about the movie plot hint at the bottom of this post, “Single parent kills a dog and talks to neighbor,” here’s the nonsensical answer: To Kill a Mockingbird.


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