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A follow-up to Time:

In a recent post, I discussed the Daylight Savings Time tradition as well as the quality of school time and the wasteful nature of fads that no longer serve us. I just read an article in National Geographic  online that has some additional, fascinating facts. The author of the piece, Brian Handwerk, brings us some surprises.

  • For example, DST is not universal; in fact, states have a right to ignore DST. “Arizona (except those on the Navajo Nation), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands,” and others do not accept DST, and those that do may have different adoption dates. Handwerk cites specific instances when confusion over time issues worldwide has damaged diplomatic relations.
  • DST was first used consistently during WWI but gained real acceptance during WWII.
  • Oddly, farmers are NOT fans of DST, as it negatively affects their ability to perform early morning farm chores (in the dark).
  • DST is popular with people who want to play after work or school but not so popular with TV networks.
  • Criminals hate DST because they prefer working in the dark.

So, that’s all the time I have. I still think that holding onto an unnecessary ‘fad’ is harming us. Reminds me of the roads…but that’s another story.

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