Moore Bragg Trees

I have so much material on both sides of my family, and I’m attempting to resolve some conflicting information with the Moore’s, Gwinn’s, and Bragg’s. On my mother’s side of the family, I have hit many a brick wall (see the post on Samuel Roe), but I’ve also gleaned tons of interesting information about our amazing ancestors, most of whom go back to England, Ireland, and Scotland, with a little bit of French, German and Scandinavian. I continue to work on my Dad’s side and it has so many branches going back to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia as well; in fact, this is the side that I can trace back to the Vikings! If you want to read more family history, check out my page ‘Just Genealogy’ for links.

This line of Moore’s and Bragg’s also leads us to a mysterious ancestor who may have been a Shawnee who married a pioneer and whose sons became Indian fighters. That may explain that miniscule <2% unknown in the DNA tests. On the down side, the Moore/Bragg lines are also where I discovered a terrible family secret: some of the people listed here owned slaves. Slavery seems to me the greatest of crimes, second to the Crucifixion, but I believe in shining a light even in the darkest corners. So, incomplete as it is, but warts and all, is a bit of the Moore/Bragg connection:

3.John J. Moore (my 3rd great grandfather on Dad’s maternal line) is listed in 1860 census as living in Lewis County, West Virginia, with wife 3a.Elizabeth R. Bragg (b. 1812, married bef 1833, d. 1886 Weston, Lewis, WV, my 3rd great grandmother), eight children and a family of Braggs.  Also, Mary A. E. Bishop is living with them, listed as a domestic servant. She is 67. Their children:

2. JEREMIAH B. MOORE ( my 2nd great grandfather) b. Nov 1833 in Albemarle Co, Virginia, USA d. 19 Oct 1917 in Weston, Lewis Co, West Virginia, USA. Married 2a. Rebecca Dinsmore (1838-1900).

Elizabeth Jane Moore 13 Mar 1835 in Albemarle, Virginia, USA- 5 Apr 1900 in Haleville, Lewis, West Virginia, USA

Sarah M Moore 21 November 1836 in Rockbridge Co., VA — 1 Sep 1906 in Haleville, Lewis, West Virginia, USA

John W Moore 1838 in , Rockbridge, Virginia, USA– 1850 in , Lewis, West Virginia, USA

Susannah C Moore 1839 in , Rockbridge, Virginia, USA –1902 in , , Oklahoma, USA

William Henry Moore 22 Jun 1841 in Natural Bridge, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA –26 Oct 1911 in Sassafras Run, Lewis, West Virginia, USA

Mary M. Moore 1844 in Lewis Co, WV, USA –aft 1850 in Lewis Co, WV, USA

Nancy Hamilton Moore 1845 in , Rockbridge, Virginia, USA –3 Feb 1878 in Haleville, Lewis, West Virginia, USA

Robert Cummings Moore 7 Nov 1846 in Natural Bridge, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA –23 Oct 1927 in Chester, Hancock, West Virginia, USA

Margaret Moore 1846 in , Rockbridge, Virginia, USA — Mar 1860 in Weston, Lewis, West Virginia, USA

Lucy Ann Moore 1849 in , Rockbridge, Virginia, USA == 1881 in , Madison, Illinois, USA

Harriet F Moore 1851 in Weston, Lewis, Virginia, USA

3a.Elizabeth R Bragg was the daughter of 4. Elias Bragg Born 20 September 1784 in St. James Parish, Goochland, VA, Death 20 January 1861 in Chestnut TWP, Knox Co, Illinois ; married to 4a. MARY “Polly” H. BRYANT FRIEND Birth 13 July 1790 in Augusta, Virginia, USA Death 22 September 1865 in Chestnut TWP, Knox Co, Illinois.

4.Elias Bragg served as a Sergeant in Captain John Field’s Company of Light Infantry, 8th Regiment, 4th Brigade, Virginia Militia, under the command of John H. Cocke, during War of 1812. He enlisted at Camp Carter, near Richmond on August 31, 1814 and mustered out February 23, 1815 at Camp Carter. He was 105 miles from home. For his service he received 11 dollars per month. He received an 80-acre land grant of the East half of the Southeast quarter of Section 5 in Chestnut Township in Illinois on March 15, 1852. After Elias died, his wife again applied for Bounty Land.

He was the son of 5. John Bragg Born 1733 in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Death 1812 in  Fluvanna, Virginia, USA and 5a. Frances Marks Birth 1750 in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Death 1828 in Fluvanna, Virginia, USA.  He married 1st MARY NEWPORT Abt. 1753, daughter of PETER NEWPORT and ELIZABETH BUTLER.  He married 2nd 5a.FRANCES MARKS December 26, 1781, daughter of JOHN MARKS and HANNAH

  1. On August 4, 1752 at Richmond County, Virginia, The court records showed “John Bragg against Sir Marauder Beckwith for being a witness  Court ordered Beckwith to pay 50 pounds of tobacco to John Bragg” 44. 
  2. On March 6, 1758 at Richmond County, Virginia, John Bragg was granted a certificate for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of Elizabeth Bragg, deck’s, with John Ford as his security.  John Edison, Matthew Kelly, Henry Suttle & William or any three appointed to appraise the slaves (if any) and personal estate of Elizabeth Bragg deck’s and return an inventory to the next court. 
  3. On December 1, 1778 at Fluvanna County, Virginia, John bought 99 acres of land on Roundabout Creek adjoining lands of Elias Williams and Willson Miles-Cary from John Pierce. (signature shows John Pace and wife Nancy). 
  4. On October 5, 1797 at Fluvanna County, Virginia, John purchased 67 acres from Elias Wills, Sir bounded  by John Braggs land on the west, James Cole and Absalom Appleberry on the west & southwest, William Johnson Caleb Stone on the southeast and east and by the land bought of Lisle by David Ross on the east and which will fully appear on a patent granted to said Elias Wills bearing the date 1 March 1773.  Mary Newport Bragg wife of John Bragg. ABSTRACTS OF GRANVILLE COUNTY NC. – BOOK 1, 1772-1787–June 1, 1782 – Aug. Court – Will of Peter Newport – To Wife Jenny as long as she lives on the plantation, my still; to daughter Catherine Head, a Negro slave and at her death to her son James Head and also to her all she has received of me; to daughter Mary Bragg, a Negro slave and at her death to her son Peter Bragg all that she has received of me; to daughter Elizabeth Butler, a slave and at her death to her son Turner Butler but for her life and that of her husband James Butler, the use of Negro; to Turner (Leemon?) Butler, a whipsaw, file and pot, my wearing apparel and a gun; to daughter Nancy Liddle, 2 Negro slaves, 160 acres of land next to George Head’s land and at her death, to her lawful issue; to her daughter Elizabeth Butler Liddle, a watch; also to daughter Nancy Liddle, cattle and a horse, etc.; to daughter Lovina Newport, 2 Negro slaves, 160 acres of land at Nancy Liddl’s line, and to my daughter Lovina’s daughter Salley Fletcher, a horse and a chest, and to daughter Lovina, my still but just when her mother-in-law needs it in the fall; to daughters Sarah and Frances, one shilling each.  Exr: my daughter Lovina Newport. Wts: John Owen, Edward Leavel, and William Owen. 

Children of JOHN BRAGG and MARY NEWPORT are: 


  ii.  ELIZABETH BRAGG, m. VINCENT MARKS, September 26, 1797, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

  iii.  HANNAH BRAGG. 

  iv.  MARY BRAGG, b. Richmond County, Virginia; m. MURRAY PACE, January 02, 1783, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

  v.  REBECCA BRAGG, b. Richmond County, Virginia; m. ANDREW BRUCE, February 05, 1798. 

  vi.  SARAH BRAGG, b. Richmond County, Virginia; m. CURTIS JOHNSON, October 07, 1793, Goochland County, Virginia. 

  vii.  THOMAS BRAGG, b. Richmond County, Virginia. 

  viii.  JOHN BRAGG, b. 1754; d. 1808; m. MARY. 

  ix.  NEWMAN BRAGG, b. 1757. 

x. RICHARD BRAGG, b. 1762, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1840, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

  xi.  PETER NEWPORT BRAGG, b. March 04, 1763, Fauquier County, Virginia; d. May 21, 1841, Lowndes County, Alabama; m. ABIGAIL BREWTOM. 

 Children of JOHN BRAGG and FRANCES MARKS are: 

  xii.  FRANCES BRAGG, b. 1776, Virginia. 

  xiii.  MARKS BRAGG, b. Goochland County, Virginia. 

  xiv.  ELIAS BRAGG, b. September 20, 1784, Albemarle County, Virginia; d. January 20, 1861, Knox County, Illinois; m. MARY H. BRYANT, July 1807, Buckingham County, Virginia.

  xv.  SUSANNA BRAGG, b. July 08, 1786, Fluvanna County, Virginia; m. JOHN MARKS, February 05, 1818, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

  xvi.  JAMES BRAGG, b. 1787, Fluvanna County, Virginia; m. SUSANNA PEWSIA, November 15, 1811, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

5.John Bragg was the son of 6. Joseph B. Bragg who was born 1690 in Lunenburg Parish,Old Rappahannock, Virginia, and died May 16, 1747 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  He married 1st MARY  SETTLE (Suttle) April 16, 1716 in Richmond County, Virginia, daughter of THOMAS SETTLE.  He married 6a. ELIZABETH NASH Abt. 1730 in Richmond County, Virginia. 

1. On December 2, 1714 at Richmond County, Virginia, An entry in the court documents read “It is ordered that the Sheriff summon to the next court Joseph Bragg of North Farmingtam Parish to answer the presentment of The Grand Jury for not going to church the past two months.” 

2. On July 7, 1715 at Richmond County, Virginia, it was noted in the Court Records “Joseph Bragg of North Farmingtam Parish being summoned to answer the presentment of the Grand Jury against him for not going to church for two months, but not appearing when called.  It is ordered that he be fined one hundred pounds of tobacco and that he pay the same to the church wardens of the said parish with costs.” 

3.April 1716 Joseph Bragg & Mary Suttle Marriage License, Richmond Co. Virginia. “The above is a Just and true account of what Marryage Lycences have been issued out of my Office since the 19th day of January 1709/10, a list whereof according to custom annually in October gave to the Sheriff of the Couynty to collect but by whom or to whom or in what manner they have been discharged I cannot certifie and as to the above Lycences not yet delivered to the Sheriff, I have received of ISAAC WEBB. twenty shillings for the Governor Given under my hand the seventh day of May 1715. Marmaduke Beckwith, Cl R. Cur.” 

4. On May 1, 1723 at Richmond County, Virginia, in the court records it was noted “The claim of Joseph Bragg for taking up a runaway servant named Michael Williamson belonging to William Mercalf of Northumberland County was this day sworn to in court by the said Joseph Bragg and ordered to be certified. 

5.On August 2, 1727 at Richmond County, Virginia, was recorded in the court records “Joseph Bragg is appointed surveyor of the highways for this ensuing year from Rappahannock Bridge to Colls Carter’s Mill and from the upper bridge by John Metcalfe’s Mill into Westmoreland County and from the main road by Leonard Dozier’s to Duke Beckwith’s Mill and from the said road by John____ Plantation to Pantill run and from Michael Windor’s ___ field along the Howling road to Lisson’s Landing and ordered that he forthwith clear all the said roads according to law.  

6. On May 31, 1735 at Richmond County, Virginia, William Marks, Richmond County, Virginia sold to Joseph Bragg, Planter, 8000 lbs tobacco of cask, for 150 acres lying in parish of Lunenburg “late north farm” in Richmond County, being one moiety of half of 300 acre formerly granted to McHugh Barrott (g/father of Wm Marks) and granted by Barrott to his daughter Patiense Marks. 

7. On May 12, 1740 at Richmond County Virginia, noted in court records “the claim of Joseph Bragg of this county for taking up a Servant woman named Wilnor Gorman belonging to Stanley Gower of this county was this day sworn to in court by the said Bragg and ordered to be certified.” 

6. Joseph Bragg Sr. (Father of 5.John Bragg) left a will on January 26, 1746 at Lunenburg Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.

“In the name of God Amen I Joseph Bragg Sr. of Lunenburg Parish in the County of Richmond being very sick and week but of perfect Since and Memory thanks be to God for the same doe make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that this is my first and principally I bequeath my soul to God and that gave it my body to earth to be decently buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named. 

        • Item – I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Bragg my Negro girl named Mariah to him and hid heirs forever with her increase only the first child the said Negro girl shall have that lives to be two years old it is my will and desire my young son shall have delivered to him at the age of twenty years and if in case this my young son shall dye before he arrives to the age of twenty years or without lawful heirs to my son Newman Bragg and his heirs. 
        • Item – I give and it is my desire that my son Monroe Bragg and his heirs shall have the plantation that he now lives on.  Together with my Negro girl Hannah to him and the lawful heirs of his body begotten and if in case he should without such heirs of his body to my son John Bragg and his heirs. 
        • Item – I give my daughter Eliz. A. Bragg a cow and calf. 
        • Item – I give and bequeath to my daughter Catherine Bragg one schilling and noe more. 
        • Item – It is my desire that my two sons Moore Bragg and Newman should have three years schooling out of my personal estate.
        •  Item – If please God my Negroe wench Winny should have another Child after this she now goes with I give and it is my desire that my son Richard Bragg should have it to be delivered to him at age of twenty years. 
        • Item – I give and bequeath to my beloved wife all and singular Est. real and personal during her natural life except what I have already bequeathed and after her decease to be equally divided between my children that has not a Negro given them. Except my daughter Catherine which I desire to have no more than one schilling as before mentioned. And do also make and ordain my well beloved wife my whole and sole Ex. of this Will and Testament revoking and disannualling all other Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made as witness my hand and seals this 26th day of January 1746.  Wit: Richard L. Dawson, Wm. Lawson, Ingoe Dozer.”
  1. Joseph’s estate was probated on May 4, 1747 at Richmond County, Virginia, The Last Will and testament of Joseph Bragg deck’s was presented in Court by Elizabeth Bragg his wife who made oath thereto and being proved by the oath of James Ingoe Dozier one of the witnesses thereto, was admitted to record and on the motion of the said Executrix and her performing what is usual in such cases, certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate thereof is due for one. On August 3, 1747 at Richmond County, Virginia, Elizabeth Bragg came into court and made oath to her and concerning her dec’d husband’s estate which was ordered recorded.   Children of JOSEPH BRAGG and MARY SETTLE are: 

  i. JOSEPH BRAGG, b. October 01, 1719, North Farmham, Richmond County, Virginia; d. 1816, Sullivan County, Virginia. 

  ii.  THOMAS BRAGG, b. February 07, 1720/21, Richmond County, Virginia; d. 1816, Sullivan County, Tennessee; m. ELIZABETH MCKAY. Some listings Elizabeth Whitson. 

  iii.  MARY BRAGG, b. 1723; m. GATON SETTLE, 1758. 

  iv. CATHERINE BRAGG, b. 1724. 

  v.  ELIZABETH BRAGG, b. April 16, 1726, Richmond County, Virginia; m. THOMAS BRUCE. 


  vi.  WILLIAM BRAGG, b. May 22, 1731, Richmond County, Virginia; m. ELIZABET KELLY. 

vii. JOHN BRAGG, b. 1733, Virginia; d. Abt. 1812, Fluvanna County, Virginia. 

  viii.  BENJAMIN BRAGG, b. 1735. 

  ix.  MOORE BRAGG, b. 1737, Richmond County, Virginia; d. Bef. January 02, 1792, Richmond County, Virginia. 

  x.  NEWMAN BRAGG, b. 1739. 

  xi.  JOSEPH BRAGG, b. 1741.  

  1.  RICHARD REUBEN BRAGG, b. 1743. 

———————————————–The following records suggest that one William Bragg (my 8th great grandfather) of Wiltshire, England died and within 10 years, his son William Bragg was transported 5 Oct 1649 by Captain Randall Herle to Northampton County, England (?) and on 12 December 1650 the same William Bragg was transported by Wingfield Webb(e) and Richard Pate. Once this William Bragg was in Virginia, he must have married, so he is either the father or grandfather of Joseph B. Bragg. More research to come.

Vital records (probate) for 25 Sep [1640] – New Sarum, Wiltshire, England list 8.William Bragg  as well as John Sevyor, gent. Richard Walrond, esq. Richard Sherfield, gent. John Barrow John Guidott Thomas Wilson Thomas Senior John Gilbert, gent. George Acry  William Winbleton Henry Judde Thomas Wolford George Coleman George Batter Phillip Minterne.  


7.Bragg, Wm. n.a.; Virginia 1650 – 2772 page 42 – EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS 1623 – 1666. by George Cabell Greer. 1989.p. 42

7.Bragg, Wm. 1650 by Wingfield Webb and Richard Pate ___________ County.


7.William Bragg transported by Captain Randall Herle 5 October 1649 to Northampton County. Page 204 –

7.William Bragg transported by Wingfield Webb (Webbe) and Richard Pate 12 December 1650.

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