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Websites I recommend:

Apartment Therapy is a treasure of organization tips, decorating ideas, and then some. I took Janel’s ‘January Cure’ to help with my de-cluttering and re-organizing project and was pleased by the kind support and suggestions of the gang. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you’ll find great inspiration here.

Want an alternative to the pricey MS Office? Here’s a free Apache version just as good and faster: OpenOffice

Keep abreast of techie trends and get great deals and freebies at TheNextWeb

Try the latest version of Flipboard (see notes below)

Start your ancestry research:

  1. The LDS site dedicated to making public and church records available to genealogists is a massive source of material. Free access but it will eat up your data plan or bandwidth: Family Search
  2. The most popular family history site is worth the price. You can build your family tree online for free, but you must be a paid member to access the search engine that provides the meat and potatoes of your genealogical manhunt: Ancestry
  3. An encyclopedic collection of all sites relating to genealogy, organized and searchable, with warnings about sites that require payment–the best addition to #1-2 above: Cyndi’s List



I am loving WordPress, developing my website, writing my blogs, and sharing with everyone who is going through this with me. All of you have been kind, helpful, and generous and I thank you. Another discovery which some of you probably know about is Flipboard. I started using it on my phone in December and it is a joy. Another free download, you can use it on your smartphone and on your computer; it is a valuable tool for anyone who researches on websites, reads articles about your areas of interest or expertise, want suggestions about anything–how to make your living room look larger, or the latest archeological finds, or genealogy, or the use of DNA to find the cause of problems like autism, the best recipe, sports, anything a human can think of. I don’t always have time to read online and saving a web page here and there is also time-consuming. Flipboard enables me to create, publish (online), and curate flipboard magazines on any subject I want. You don’t have to create magazines to enjoy it, though. You can just go to the site and read other people’s flipboards. Seeing is believing, so here’s the link (and remember, it’s free, no ads, and no bugs): While learning about the wonders of this program, you might find a few of my magazines, such as:

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I have over 400 followers and I spend just an hour or so every few days to add and edit the pics and articles. Some days, I am so enmeshed in the vast collections of stories and articles, I lose all track of time. Come join me, if you will…


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  1. I have been there- done that. I did not have MS Word on my Mac computer while I was unemployed but I had many writing assignments to complete- out of sheer desperation, one day I did a net search and found out many free word processing software, one of which was Apache and the other was LibreOffice. I also found out a few word processing software available freely from Apply like X Word Free. There are always options for people who cannot afford the expensive stuff- Seek and ye shall find.

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