100 Days

100 Days of Happiness

Day 16: 

Cartoon Room

Cartoon Room

Day 15:  Cafe rug 488

Day 14: 


Waiting © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 13:  


Branches © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 12:  My two favorite kinds of Café:

Day 11:  

Big Blue Marble

Big Blue Marble


Day 10:  Mom found this hand-carved wooden owl at a flea market and had it rematted and framed. The framer told her that the glue holding the pieces together was hand-made, black glue often used during the Civil War. It’s a lovely piece and reminds me of my late mother because she collected owls:

carved owl

Mom’s Carved Owl © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 9: I didn’t take these pics, but they make me happy:


Day 8:  (How I feel with this snow & ice)

I'm at the End of My Rope

I’m at the End of My Rope © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 7:  I enjoy all the photo apps that enable me to play with the artist in me struggling to get out:

Sketch of me from photo

Sketch of me from photo © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 6 I’m so happy I have a laptop and a smart phone and don’t have to type on this contraption:

Hanson Writing Ball 1862

Hanson Writing Ball 1862

Day 5: 

Selfies for Dummies

Selfies for Dummies © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 4:  My perfect Pomeranian–Café au Lait. No matter how bad my pain, she takes me out of it as I marvel at her complete faith in the world. She wakes up happy and is undaunted, even by 2 foot snowdrifts. Unlike many humans, dogs give us total, unconditional love. They don’t care about our money, or lack of same; they don’t care about the way we dress or the kind of car we drive or even the kind of music we like. Dogs exist to help us, to love us, to entertain us. They have been a part of the human family for 100s of 1000s of years and all they ask is kindness and trust. I’ve had animals for most of my life and my preference is a dog. A dog won’t go out cruising, spending my hard-earned money on booze and floozy owners. A dog won’t stay up all night online gambling or watching porn. A dog won’t come home to tell me that she’s found another owner. A dog, in fact and my experience, is a much better human than any human I’ve ever met. Some people claim that dogs don’t go to heaven. I agree with Will Rogers’ idea that, if indeed dogs aren’t allowed in heaven, I want to go to where they are admitted. A just and loving God would not turn away our truest friends.

Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 3: Don’t want to be redundant, but we’ve had a ton of snow dropped on us since Sunday, so here’s  what my life looks like.  Except for marks of the snow plows on the road and deer tracks lightly marking my backyard, everything is clean and pure, and so white it resembles an over-sized birthday cake decorated with spun sugar, and oak trees shooting up like huge candles but without wicks or flames. Happy Birthday, World!

Picture Perfect Day

Picture Perfect Day © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Through My Window

Through My Window © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Day 2: Today’s Photo was taken through my office window. About 3 degrees F and we’re expecting a foot or more of snow by Tuesday. We have white-out conditions and are being warned to stay off the roads. And yet I see cars and trucks slip-sliding away. It is a given that people with 4-wheel-drive vehicles always assume that they’re Sgt Preston of the Mounties and that such warnings do not apply to them, because they’re special (indeed, a special kind of stupid). I saw this when I lived in Maine, too. If you like snow and icy cold weather, losing electricity and water, and being isolated from civilization but don’t want to move to Alaska, Maine’s your best bet. Too much land, too few people, and way too many moose. Don’t get me wrong. I love deer and moose and all God’s creatures, but if you’re driving in Maine at any time of the year and hit a moose, any kind, any size, you will die. The moose will be seriously injured, but you will be dead.

I chuckle a bit because schools were cancelled all over the state, but this is Presidents’ Day, a federal holiday celebrating the birth of NO ONE. I am enjoying the view of tiny woodpeckers and cardinals enjoying brunch at my feeder. This morning’s walk with my dog Cafe woke up the white-tail deer who were snoozing in the backyard (the part that I’ve allowed to grow wild so the deer and other forest animals can seek shelter). Too dark to get a picture as they literally hoofed it. I am sorry we startled them, for they are the tenderest of creatures, timid and silent as they stand so still that even my sharp eyes have difficulty separating them from the camouflaging trees and brush. I love the snow when it’s new–especially now that I’m retired.

Pristine, sparkling, winter’s white shawl/dappled with tracks of deer./The rolling hills almost ermine in the dawn. 

Backyard Blizzard

Backyard Blizzard © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Blizzard off and on for the past few days. Woke up to 0 degrees and birds singing. Visited a website that suggested taking a photo of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days. I’m going to try it.  It might be fun and I can’t wait to see all the pics at the end of the 100 days. Anyone want to join me?

Day 1: My first photo is still on my phone, charging. So, I’m going to cheat just this once. This shot was taken about a month ago, after doing a major de-cluttering and reorganization of every room in my house. One area, the closets, was particularly irksome because I had so much stuff. Below is a shot of my office closet. On the floor are bins full of my genealogy research; my scrapbooking bins and supplies have been moved to the craft(y) table in my laundry. Obviously, I must spend a few more hours (months?) sorting through the family history items, labeling, filing, and so on. I am happy with the hanging items–short-sleeved blouses here, long-sleeved blouses in the spare room closet, and t-shirts, slacks, and jeans in my bedroom closet:

Office Closet © Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

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