Should I

Should I be proud because you broke my heart?
Should I be shamed by your frozen smile?
If I should die before you realize
You made a mistake,
Will it hurt you more than you’ve hurt me?

If I climb out of the pit and try once more,
Will you come crawling, envious?
If I find a kinder love, a milder fate,
Will you be set free,
Or will you linger on the cusp of hell?

Do you need my forgiveness?
You shan’t have it.
Do you need my humiliation?
You stole it from me
When I was not looking for betrayal.

If I had followed a different set of footsteps
Would I suffer so?
Different wolves in different clothes,
You’re all still ravenous,
Consuming my heart, my youth.

© Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD


What if the world were turned upside down
My top on the bottom, my smile a frown.
Would I be happy in another world?
Chains of different colors
With the same strength to contain my soul?

© Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD


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