Two Poems

Pocketed in by the storms, I recall rockier times for me, when I penned the following:

Psychic vampire
Drinking my happy
Bleeding my hope
Sucking my love
Infecting me with futility
Dragging me to your grave.
Stealing my soul
Doesn’t make you alive.

© Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD

Grill It, Baby

You never loved me,
You told me one night.
After I threw it all away
For You.

Not just fell out of love.
You had to nail it in.
You never loved me.
I risked all for nought,
For you.

Breaking up wasn’t pain enough.
You had to treat me like trash
To be shoved in a bag of anguish.
I threw away my life
For you.

Hurt is all you gave me.
Convicted of loving you,
Trusting our love.
All that wasn’t enough
For you.

Not enough to break my heart.
You had to pepper it with lies,
Add my salty tears,
Then grill it on the coals of love,
My soul the ashes,
For you.

© Copyright 2015 Linda L Labin, PhD